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Rock of Ages!

I’ve been wanting to play this show since it was released and I’m getting my chance in April/May 2018 with the Palo Alto Players.  I’m splitting guitar duties (a first for me) and I’m not sure which parts I’ll be playing, but it doesn’t hurt to start getting re-acquainted with the songs – I covered most of them in my 80’s cover bands 😉

King’s Hill Records has Launched

Well, it’s been quiet around here, but I’ve not been idling!  I’ve been working hard on the studio and putting it to use.  In fact, we’ve just published our first EP by a great local rock band Crow Eats Man.

You can check out the EP and the studio at

The EP is available for sale and streaming:

Direct Purchase :

Bandcamp :

iTunes :

Spotify :

Revised %$!* Transcription

UPDATE : I’ve posted YAGT (Yet Another Goddamn Transcription) of this solo snippet.  Even though I watched Paul play this up close and personal, I don’t think I had it quite right.  Please visit Turn signal, re-revisited to see the latest.



I was lucky to have time to ask Paul about my transcriptions at his guitar retreat.  The first one up was Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal. I quickly learned that I was not correctly accounting for Paul’s insane reach and dexterity.

Continue reading to see what I learned and how it applies to this lick.

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