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10 uses for 4 notes (Paul Gilbert Content!)

I’ve had the good fortune to study with Paul Gilbert in a few one-on-one sessions and at his awesome online school at ArtistWorks Rock Guitar School.  A recurring technique he demonstrates are two-note-per-string licks that move across the fretboard in parallel fashion.  These simple shapes are easy to learn and can outline various chord flavors.  In fact, one simple shape can be used to outline 10 different chords!!!  In this post, I’ll show you how it is done.

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Turn signal, re-revisited

I keep chasing this lick in Paul Gilbert’s Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal and, again, I think I have it figured out.  Even though I watched Paul play it up-close and personal, I don’t think I quite got it right in my previous transcription.

Lest you now doubt my transcriptocapabilities, I present to you another goddamn transcription with fingerings that may be possible for us mere mortals to play!

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Revised %$!* Transcription

UPDATE : I’ve posted YAGT (Yet Another Goddamn Transcription) of this solo snippet.  Even though I watched Paul play this up close and personal, I don’t think I had it quite right.  Please visit Turn signal, re-revisited to see the latest.



I was lucky to have time to ask Paul about my transcriptions at his guitar retreat.  The first one up was Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal. I quickly learned that I was not correctly accounting for Paul’s insane reach and dexterity.

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