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Legally Blonde

OMG – I’m positively looking forward to playing for PYT’s summer’s run of Legally Blonde! The upbeat soundtrack has a dynamic drum score covering a variety of styles. The music is sure to keep me on my toes and, hopefully, the audience tapping theirs.

The show is presented by Peninsula Youth Theater and is featuring their age 13-18 performers. More info on the show can be found here.

You can find the soundtrack on iTunes.  I recommend this version:

Legally Blonde - Original London Cast Recording
Original London Cast Recording

Rig Rundown : Pirates of Penzance

My Rig for Pirates was pretty simple (see picture below).  The two toms did overtime as snare and timpani with the cymbal triggers serving up triangle and crash cymbal sounds. The BT-1 trigger was a nice addition to deliver the bass drum without having to deal with a foot pedal, but still allowing me to deliver simultaneous bass drum and crash hits.


It was my first time using the Roland BT-1 “Bar” trigger and I have to say it worked very well.  I was able to get a range of dynamics and the small footprint was ideal for this show.  There is some setup required on the TD-20 :
be sure to select the PAD-1 trigger type and set the RIM patch or it will bounce between the head/rim trigger sounds.

I also had to disable the rim trigger on the PD-100 it was mounted to so I didn’t get timpani sounds during the aggressive “Cat Like Tread” sequence.

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