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No Zombies! No Zombies!

That’s right, our run of Zombie Prom is over and I just wanted to say that I had a great time playing in this show.  The music was fun and my fellow musicians were stellar.  Did I mention it was just three of us playing in the pit, and one was conducting at the same time?

We knew we had them fooled when someone asked where our guitar player was (hint: inside the keyboard).  It was a pleasure sharing the pit with Doug and Sam again, and Sam was a great Musical Director.

A full rig-rundown is on it’s way, but this was (finally) a show where I was able to focus on drumming more than programming my gear.  The numbers in Zombie Prom are 50’s-rock based, but don’t let that description fool you, the drum part is very active and has a modern feel.  The book is somewhat sparse and I added quite a few notes on how to spice things up to make them more interesting and sound more like the cast recording.

I still think Sam got some sort of sadistic pleasure watching me flail away on his sped-up version of Blast From The Past.  That was my workout number!  The “I didn’t think we had to do math” award goes to Isn’t It .  Playing that 7/8 time signature was like doing calculus at times.  Exposé was an exciting and fun change with its Rhumba beat.

All in all, Zombie Prom is a super fun show to play, especially if you go beyond the book.

An Evening of Miracles and Molecules

We’ve got a keen theme for the senior prom this year – An Evening of Miracles and Molecules. That is if it doesn’t get canceled because of that troublemaker Jonny, rebel without an ‘H’, Warner.

Do the students of Enrico Fermi High make it to the prom? Does Jonny find true love? What is the terrible secret Ms. Strict is hiding?

To discover the answers to these questions and more, join us at the Sunnyvale Community Theater Nov 1st – 24th for this family-friendly, girl-loves-ghoul rock-and-roll musical, set in the atomic 1950s.


“A musical blast! Fun for the whole nuclear family!” – New York Daily News

Zombie Prom

It’s just another day at Enrico Fermi High, or is it?  Come see the rockin’ story of forbidden love, oxy-clear, toxic waste, and the tragic case of a hormonal imbalance resulting in a class three nuclear disaster!

Zombie Prom is presented by the Sunnyvale Community Players  and runs November 1st – 24th.  I’m looking forward to playing drums in the show.

Listen to the soundtrack (iTunes)

Buy Tickets (order before October 27th and save 25% with coupon code ‘FERMI’)