Chitlins Con Carne – Guitar Solo

This is a really great lesson in phrasing by Kenny Burrell.  Note the use of space and how many of the phrases target the downbeat of the next measure.  It’s a challenging bit of calculus to play changes across the barline, but this solo has some familiar blues licks that will comfort players (like myself) that are transitioning from blues / rock to jazz.

Kenny’s time feel is excellent in this solo.  He mixes straight eighth and sixteenth playing with swinging eighths and triplets.  I attempted to capture most of the feel changes in the notation, but listen to the recording (iTunes) and hear for yourself how he lags the beat and switchings things up.

Click the image below for all five choruses of the solo.

Enjoy the transcription?  Spot an error?  Let me know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Chitlins Con Carne – Guitar Solo

    1. Hah, well that’s interesting… I originally transcribed this by hand and, as a convenience, dropped in a key signature that would make things easier to write out. This apparently followed me as I moved this into the software to create this post.

      Nice catch! I’ll re-upload a version in the correct key.

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