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MainStage : live performance software from Apple.

Rig Rundown : In The Heights

When I heard that I’d be playing alongside a percussion player for In The Heights, I had visions of a simplified drum setup with minimal program changes to worry about.  This was a short-lived dream, however, as the drum part has plenty of incidental percussion and various electronic and sampled sounds that needed to find a home on my kit.

In the end, this turned out to be my largest kit yet thanks to a Roland TMC-6 trigger-to-MIDI converter that provided 6 additional trigger inputs (and at least that many headaches).

Read on for all the fun details!

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Fakin’ It : Güira Style

One of the great things about an electric drum kit is the ability to access many sounds without having to haul around a huge collection of percussion instruments. The downside is that electronic triggers limit the playing techniques you can apply and make it difficult to recreate some of the nuances of the real instruments.

This fact became an issue for me while preparing for In The Heights. The score calls for various techniques on a Güira (a metal Guiro used in Dominican Meringue music), including the seemingly simple pattern below:


The obvious solution is to use a velocity threshold to access the two samples. However, a simple threshold can be tricky – hit slightly too hard or soft and you trigger the wrong sample, wrecking the groove. My solution was to use the new scripting feature in MainStage 3 to create an adaptive velocity threshold that floats based on my playing, helping me lock in the groove. Read on for the details…

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Rig Rundown : Legally Blonde

It seems that my rig gets more complicated with each show and preparing for the PYT production of Legally Blonde was no exception. We did not have a percussionist for the show, so in addition to drums, I doubled the percussion part where possible.  This involved adding parts for triangle, tambourine, crotale, mark tree (a.k.a. the “broken glass” patch), bodhran and timpani in various tunings throughout the show.

Custom Kits

Covering the additional percussion parts resulted in 82 program changes throughout the show and over 50 custom kits that needed to be programmed.

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